v1.0.1: Inbox and Friends Added

With update v1.0.1 comes the Inbox and Friends system!


The Inbox system is a new feature added to Dinogen Online.

It includes both functionality for important update messages and the integration of the Friends system.


The Friends system allows you to send friend requests to other players. 

You can view a friend's current server, game, and lobby to easily join in.

Friends are also indicated by blue text in multiplayer lobbies.

Other Notes

There are also a few other updates included:

  • Auto Turrets now have limited ammo by default
  • Slightly increased M2 Browning damage
  • Updated Survival weapon/attachment costs for Bow and Crossbow
  • Heavy Airdrop now drops 3 weapons
  • Mounted weapons in Survival now have limited ammo
  • Lots of UI and Editor updates!

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