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Dinogen Online is currently in active development. 

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Dinogen Online is a fast-paced 2D multiplayer top-down shooter with plenty of weapons, game modes, and maps. Play as a human or dinosaur in objective-based game modes, unlock new weapons, dinosaurs, equipment, items, and more!


Play as a human or dinosaur in objective-based game modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, or Destruction.


Play one of the many survival modes to engage in never-ending waves of enemies ranging from militia soldiers, dinosaurs, helicopters, and more.


Create your own maps and missions with the included Scenario Editor. The editor is a powerful tool that allows you to make simple changes to existing maps or complex new missions using the integrated trigger system. All scenarios created with the editor are immediately accessible in multiplayer, allowing you to play your creations with friends online.


  • Hundreds of weapons, equipment, and items to unlock
  • Play as a human or dinosaur
  • Multiple maps, game modes, and vehicles
  • Scenario Editor to create custom maps and missions
  • Customizable loadouts and appearances
  • Rank progression system
  • Online multiplayer or local play with bots
  • Worldwide leaderboards
  • Achievements

You can also access the game in your browser here.

Find guides, modding tools, and more at dinogenonline.com!


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我是一个中国人,Hope the author can add Chinese server, otherwise only Chinese language how line.


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Working on getting a China server online! :)

Game severely needs lag optimizations, high entity counts severely lag matches

Tutorial not working. I enter the green circle that they point to, but can't proceed from there.

Hey, this issue has been fixed. :)

Trojan got detected when I opened this.


Definitely a false positive, you can report it to your AV. You can also play in your browser!



i had the same issue lol
i just ignored it because deadswitch wouldnt exist if it had a virus


this like as "SAS zombie asault" but with dinosaurs 10/10




Did you supported developers?



I'm pretty broke so all I can do is to play the game


u need kinds beefy PC for this game.