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我是一个中国人,Hope the author can add Chinese server, otherwise only Chinese language how line.


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                      ow,F         +#F~'

                      /-9!          ` \



Working on getting a China server online! :)

Game severely needs lag optimizations, high entity counts severely lag matches

Tutorial not working. I enter the green circle that they point to, but can't proceed from there.

Hey, this issue has been fixed. :)

Trojan got detected when I opened this.


Definitely a false positive, you can report it to your AV. You can also play in your browser!



i had the same issue lol
i just ignored it because deadswitch wouldnt exist if it had a virus


this like as "SAS zombie asault" but with dinosaurs 10/10




Did you supported developers?



I'm pretty broke so all I can do is to play the game


u need kinds beefy PC for this game.