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are the downloads .fla files?

Yes, there are .fla files included!



I'm him


a tactical weapon pack 3 would be cool

many new guns and attachments

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Doesn't look like the game works anymore. I forgot the name when I was talking to a friend about it. Kinda sucks, this was a good game.

Nevermind it works


can you make the third one with guns that don't exist? you don't have to

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what is your guys's fastest time on sniper mine is 45 sec

edit just got 44


got 43

can you make it turn into a game to download ?

Deleted 27 days ago

Yes, all assets are free to use!

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Do you have this game for mobile?

ps: amazing game, had a fun time playing


this game is amazing! very polished! what coding platform was this made on

Thanks! It's HTML5 (Javascript), and I used the Phaser CE game engine.


Thanks for responding! 

wow lo




S I L E N C E D  D E A G L E



Nice game, there is a meta that literally beats every other gun. Ump 45 with rapid fire, Romeos, extended, grip and accelerator. 

extreme penetration