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Please make more guns! :) Very cool game!!!!!!


i made a gun from call of duty modren warfare 2


Thanks for the ability to put supressors on machine guns. Game is great adio is perfection game is very smooth. Overal 10/10

Thanks! I’m currently working on the successor to this game with co-op multiplayer added!

How do I shoot the shotgun shells or grenade launcher shells with the M4A1

Press F (default)!

i know that but i need to know how to reload it


if any of you want to grind for your gun mods, use sniper course as it doesn't matter the timer but the target stay until you pop them with your chosen gun. i used my newgrounds version to prestige 9 times and dumped all points into more xp and gold. once all guns maxed out, rest of the courses are cakewalks! 

what app can i use to play the game?


You can play in browser!

i mean how can i play the .fla and the .xfl 

are the downloads .fla files?

Yes, there are .fla files included!



I'm him


a tactical weapon pack 3 would be cool

many new guns and attachments

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Doesn't look like the game works anymore. I forgot the name when I was talking to a friend about it. Kinda sucks, this was a good game.

Nevermind it works


can you make the third one with guns that don't exist? you don't have to

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what is your guys's fastest time on sniper mine is 45 sec

edit just got 44


got 43

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same but better acc

edit got 42

can you make it turn into a game to download ?

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Yes, all assets are free to use!

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Do you have this game for mobile?

ps: amazing game, had a fun time playing


this game is amazing! very polished! what coding platform was this made on

Thanks! It's HTML5 (Javascript), and I used the Phaser CE game engine.


Thanks for responding! 

wow lo




S I L E N C E D  D E A G L E



Nice game, there is a meta that literally beats every other gun. Ump 45 with rapid fire, Romeos, extended, grip and accelerator. 

extreme penetration