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Played the full Steam Version, Y'all made a fine game :)

Thanks! :)

why i cannot open launch mean when i click then is not open :(

Are you on Linux? I have the same problem...

For Linux, try launching the game from the Itch Launcher!

I tried to open Deadswitch 3 on the mac (os big sur) with and without the launcher but all I got is a black screen.

Hey, this issue should now be fixed! 


Thank you so much it works now.

this game need to fix some bug of the operation and fix some lag for low pc

I really like this game, it reminds me of some of my absolute favorite flash games. The thing is is that the game always lags for me, even if I turn on performance mode. I'm using a macbook air, please help

can you make the full version on chrombook

You can install the Linux version on your Chromebook!


i dont know why, my system is x64-bit, but the game is more smother in 32 bit version of the game, really like this game though, kind of remember my childhood when lots of games using flash player.

Thanks for the comments! :)

The 32-bit version is recommended, even for 64-bit machines.

in my computer that game isnt workin :(

every time when i wanna play that game  i have blacscree

My comuter is windows 7


Make sure you run the proper file (windows-x32 or windows-x64) for your version of Windows.

If you're still having issues send me an email or message me on Discord!

thx man but now i have steam version of this

The most brutal enemy is lag.

I need u to put the theme back and get rid of those zombies who have guns me and my team tried and we all die to get rid of those fat zombies and to RPG and throwing khines   and they shot my turrets and helicopters they also and they are annyoing get rid of the armor they have plz   


Man you also took away the single fire for the auto shotguns :( Can you please release the development logs since you released the factory map?

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This update is cool but I already had purchased sleight of hand for this prestige and I can't edit my killstreak perks without purchasing it again because ninja for some reason is the same amount of kills that sleight of hand is. I do not like the killstreak perks changes I hope it will be reverted.  The hud update is nice because I can see weapons I'm able to pick up more clearly now. Bots on easy mode (I use them to level quickly)  will be targeting another bot but if the players comes into LOS of said bot they will instantly start to shoot at player without the aim delay they used to have from the last update. Otherwise the update seems to be good!


Dude this is really fun. I wish there were more people playing multiplayer but I'm sure the player base will build over time. Can you transfer free version profile data to PC version?

Whats up with the throwing knife zombie in Survival? I have ninja and juggernaut he throws a knife and it instantly kills me 

Ninja will reduce Throwing Knife damage, so unless you have full health before being hit you will still be killed!

I'm pretty sure I survived a direct hit from a Zombie Juggernaut knife in Pro Survival. XD

This game's MP mode work without using Steam or do users need Steam to play it online?

Multiplayer is available for all versions of the game!




sorry about that it mean this game will still in browser forever?that nice really love this game i downloaded the deadswitch 2 and play it this game really fun and i feel satisfied

No problem, thanks for the support! :)

i hope i could download the free version on browser but it had no swf

poor me 

It's not a Flash game!

damn my bad xD

i mean ok i think i can buy it soon if released on steam because i from another region(asia)and i dont know what does 2.50 usd mean so i can want to say that this game is really awesome and remind me to cod 

Should be released on Steam soon!


Next level soldat experience!


I wish it could be played for free


You can play the free version in browser!


Oh thank you

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best Deadswitch 3 best Deadswitch 3 best Deadswitch 3 ISSSSS BESSTTTTTT IM WANT LOGIN ON GOOGLE PLEASE


is there any chance you can make an mobile version????


Yes, I want to release a mobile version in the future!


Any chance this will be on steam? I would buy the game here but as a British person i look down on any currency that is not PG tips teabags and fish and chips from the local chippy


Yes, I plan to release on Steam in the future!

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good game can develops put a option to put controler of playstaion 2 usb? im dont have playstation 3 o xbox360/one im dont have crash but this game its very good :) if xwinkl view this thank you


Me like dis game, me good at it, good job on making this game =)


This game is a piece of artwork! Hope there will be AI teammates can be bought in survival mode, and dedicate server options!

doesnt work on osx, the application cannot be opened

The Mac version is only compatible with 64 bit versions! Are you using a 32 bit version?

Big Sur and Catalina. Apple does not do 32bit systems anymore

Send me an email at!


this game will be on steam?

Yes, I plan to release on Steam in the future!

I want to pick this game up, since I loved the first two, but want to hold off on buying it until you release it onto Steam. If I buy it here, do you plan on giving keys to those who've bought it here?


For sure! Once it's released on Steam, anyone who has purchased it here will get the keys!


Are you the Justin from Strike Force Heroes?

This game is kinda similar.


That's a great series! But no, I'm a different Justin. :)


That series was my childhoold man. Still, your game is great :).


actual facts

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